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Our objective for customers is first and foremost to control liquor loss and improve profitability. ALPS effective method of loss measurement and prevention techniques give bar owner’s loss visibility and provide focus to address the waste, shrinkage, or theft of profits.

The Reality
A neighborhood Chicago bar dispenses about five 1-ounce shots of John Powers Irish whiskey one week. But the week's sales receipts don't show that whiskey was even sold.

That same bar used about 90 ounces of Absolut Blue vodka, based on what the bottle weighed at the beginning of the week and what it weighed seven days later. The cash register tape showed about two-thirds of that amount in sales.

• Lost Profits
Multiply those shortages by hundreds of bars and drinks. That's potentially thousands of dollars in lost profits. Bar patrons who get a "really good" drink at the hands of their favorite bartenders could cost an establishment thousands of dollars a month in lost revenue!

You know the old adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, and it’s at the heart of our belief and the mission of each ALPS Auditor. Our goal is prevention to keep stories such as these from becoming yours.

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